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East Peckham Parish Council

We are an independent local democratic unit and councillors are elected every four years.
There are 11 councillors who meet regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the council. The Parish Councillors do not receive any salary but contribute a great deal of their time and energy to ensure the smooth running of the community. We know the village well and express our views to authorities such as Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency, the Kent Police and Health Authorities. We pursue an active policy through direct action or grant aid measures to improve and enhance the general environment and condition of the village. We are consulted on planning applications, schools, roads and planning enquiries.

                             Contact: Emily Ellis, Tel: 01622 871309, e-mail: councilmanager@eastpeckham-pc.gov.uk

Holy Trinity Church

Rector Anthony Carr.  01622 871278                

The Vicarage, Bush Road,

East Peckham, TN12 5LL 

Assoc. Rector Sue Morell. 01622 871150 

7 Pippin Road, 

East Peckham, TN12 5BT


Holy Trinity Church was built in 1840 to cater for the growing population that had build up on the low land area. The original East Peckham Church was St Michaels up at Roydon, high on the hill top overlooking surrounding villages but impractical for the worship of the growing population as it was a long walk from the new village centre where the majority of the population of 3000 had settled. St Michaels is now redundant in that regular worship does not take place there but it is open daily from 10am and locked from 4pm.

Our local historian has written a book about Holy Trinity the Church. Entitled ‘The New Church A Drama’ by Margaret Lawrence – the book is available from the Church and is a detailed history full of fascinating facts and interesting insights.

The church of St Michael's stands at the top of a hill well away from the village, about 2 miles towards Mereworth. The Norman church was made redundant by the 1830's after the community surrounding it moved to be nearer to the river. It remained in use until 1972 when it finally closed. Now it is managed by the The Churches Conservation Trust.